ATRA Annual Conference 2016: Chicago

We wanted to send out a call for support and participation in keeping the growth RT in the Schools going strong!  We are here to inform you about upcoming deadlines for a call for papers at ATRA’s annual conference.  The conference is in Chicago on September 10-13, 2016.  We really need to offer more presentations relating to RTs in schools.  We are already planning on modifying and re-presenting a few presentations from last annual conference.  However, we are in major need of covering a wider variety of topic areas related to RT in the Schools.  We are asking those of you who work in alternative school settings, specialized schools, before and/or afterschool programs, extra-curricular programs, etc. to share your experiences and present at the conference.  Tom House (Schools Section Co-Leader) recently went to the ATRA mid-year conference in San Antonio, TX.   While it was great and he had a good time, the number of presentations related to RT in the Schools was very much lacking.  As leaders ATRA’s Schools Section, we are encouraging people that work currently, or have worked, in schools to present at the annual conference. The deadline for the call of papers is May 1st ,2016.  Also, as an added incentive, you will get a considerable discount as a presenter at the conference off of your registration fee.  Here is the link from ATRA’s website to submit your presentations proposals:

Please feel free to contact Heidi Hunter or Tom House if you have any other questions!


Heidi Hunter, MS, CTRS                                                  Tom House, CTRS

ATRA Schools Section Co-Leader                              ATRA Schools Section Co-Leader

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Cooperative Educational Services                           Cooperative Educational Services

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