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IMPACT act of 2014: Public Comment Period Extended

Public Comment: Collection of Standardized Assessment-Based Data Items

CMS is soliciting for public comment on a collection of standardized assessment-based data items developed under the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014 (IMPACT Act) to meet the domains of: cognitive function and mental status; special services, treatments, and interventions; medical conditions and co-morbidities; and impairments. Standardized assessment-based data items were developed for the Long-Term Care Hospital, the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility, the Skilled Nursing Facility, and the Home Health Agency settings. CMS is seeking public comment on the whether items have the potential for improving quality, the utility of the items for describing case mix, the feasibility of the items for use in post-acute care settings, and the validity of the items. This call for public comment is open from August 12th through September 12th , 2016. For more information, visit the Public Comment webpage.

Job Internship Social!

As the School Network Section, we want to post some upcoming information and events for those interested in RT’s in schools.  First, the ATRA annual conference is coming up September 10-13, 2016 in Chicago, IL.  “Sailing to Greatness” is the theme for this year conference.  This is a great time and opportunity for RT’s to get together to share ideas, network with each other and share experiences throughout the past year and upcoming RT events in the New Year.  Also, the program is full of new presentations with great presenters from all over the country.  Check out the ATRA website for more information about the conference agenda and events.  Continue reading Job Internship Social!

Open Mic Conference Call!

The Child & Adolescent section will be hosting an open mic conference call for members on August 25th at 8:00pm EST. This call is open to all members to network with others working with children & adolescents. Students are welcome!! Members may also email in specific requests for topic suggestions! If interested in bringing up an issue, suggesting a topic, or providing a 3-5 minute blurb on the call about what you do, contact Abby Pestak and Kaylee McGuire at

Position Open!

Hello all!  For all of you interested in working in the schools and wishing there was a job opening available…guess what?  Your wish has come true.  These jobs are still rare and don’t come along that often, so take this incredible opportunity to check out the job posting below and apply.  The position is with the hugely successful Northeast Passage program out of the University of New Hampshire.

Here are the details:  Jessica Amato, the new Program Director with Northeast Passage’s school based program, TREK, is inviting those interested to apply for a new Recreation Therapist position within their school based program.  Any CTRSs with experience working with youth, and/or interested in relocating to New England, should apply.

This position has been reposted until August 4, 2016.  Here is the link:


Don’t pass up this great employment opportunity!  If you have any questions, you can contact Jessica through the following contact information:

Jess Amato, CTRS/L

Program Director

Northeast Passage

University of New Hampshire

P: 603-862-6169



Why you should attend conferences

With the ATRA Annual Conference just around the corner, I wanted to share some thoughts on the importance of attending conferences.  Not only are you able to learn a lot from them, they are also a lot of FUN!  Conferences are a great way to start networking, as students it is always nice to get your name out there early.  Conferences are also a time for you to share and learn about the TR world with other professionals.  From my personal experience, attending a conference, as a student was very fun.  It was great to see what current professionals were doing in different settings.  This could also be a time where you find a new population you are passionate about.

I am attaching two links, one is by Rich Brooks, and he outlines 12 reasons you should attend conferences.  The other link is for the ATRA Annual conference, so you can browse the schedule to see if anything interesting jumps out at you.

Parks and Recreation Month

How are you spending National Parks and Recreation month? Check out the National Recreation and Park Association website to see how others are spending the month.

Therapeutic Recreation and Parks and Recreation work together very well. Parks and Recreation strives to advocate for the “immense value of parks and recreation to local communities.” (NRPA) Therapeutic Recreation professionals advocate the right to leisure for everyone…where can a lot of leisure be done? Parks and Recreation Centers! This is a great relationship to have. So go out there and celebrate Parks and Recreation Month, so we can support a valuable resource, but add in some TR flare. Also check out this YouTube video where TR and Parks and Recreation are coming together to build an accessible playground.

Staying Connected

Staying connected in the field is very important. It allows you to communicate to other professionals and see if there are any new and exciting things happening in the TR world. There are many ways to stay connected. Social media is a great tool, try joining the ATRA Student Facebook page for exciting field updates and to talk to fellow students. Do not forget ATRA Annual Conference is right around the corner in September keep checking to see when you can register. The conference is a great opportunity to meet other professionals and students as well.