Call for New Student Development Committee Members

The ATRA Student Development Committee (SDC) is a growing committee comprised of students and professionals who are tasked with encouraging student membership and engagement in ATRA (ATRA, 2017).  The committee has some exciting plans for 2018 and are looking for new members who are enthusiastic and dedicated in helping grow student membership and engagement in ATRA!

The SDC shares many great resources such as evidence based practice research articles, job and internship listings, network opportunities and much more!  Besides recruiting students to become and stay engaged in ATRA, the goal for this year is to plan and coordinate activities at the Annual Conference for students.  For example, the committee envisions NEW ways for students and professionals to meet and network about a variety of topics through unique and fun ways; speed mentoring anyone!?  We will also be hosting an internship social, and other networking opportunities.  Students are the future, and it is vital that we as a profession continue to engage and connect students with resources and other students, organizations and professionals and we need you!  If you are interested in joining, see below for a brief overview of the basic responsibilities/requirements.  Send an email to to join or obtain more information.


  1. Must be a current ATRA member (reduced rate for students!)  Take a look at reasons to join ATRA at
  2. Make at minimum two meaningful posts per month to the ATRA Students! Facebook page
  3. Submit one blog post to the ATRA webpage
  4. Serve on a conference sub-committee within the SDC
  5. Recruit more student followers/ATRA members.

Haven’t made up your mind yet?  Follow the ATRA Students Facebook page and check out what students and professionals from around the world are up too.

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