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Exciting News from the Standards of Practice Committee

The SOP committee remains focused on making the standards applicable to all settings. Two main goals for the committee at this time are the development of an educator’s tool, and the recruitment of more committee members from various practice settings.

Educator’s Project: The SOP Committee recognizes the need to make it easier to include the standards of practice in RT curriculum. For more than six months, the Educator’s project has been the main focus of our efforts. Ultimately this will translate into practice, as more and more Recreational Therapists will become comfortable implementing the standards, therefore improving the quality of care provided to our clients/participants. In order to fully develop this tool, we need input from current and past educators. Join the SOP committee this September at the Annual ATRA conference in Orlando, Florida, and be a part of this important project.

Call to join the ATRA SOP Committee: The Standards of Practice Committee is seeking committee members from all practice areas. It is vital to the success of the committee, and the profession, that the needs of all Recreational Therapists are represented in this committee. We also encourage students to join the committee, as the best way to learn is to practice. Responsibilities would include attending/presenting at the annual ATRA conference, and eventually presenting at local and regional conferences. Support and education will be provided by committee members to increase your comfort in this role.


Team building & bonding ideas for your department

I work with a lot of staff that have very separate hours, work mostly per diem, and don’t have a lot of time during work hours to bond. Does anyone have ideas for team-building, get-to-know-you tactics, stress-relieving, and other ways to incorporate a sense of FUN into the workplace for a team of people that don’t spend a lot of time together regularly? These staff work 1-4 hours a week, all different shifts and communicate mainly through email.

Kaylee McGuire, CTRS | Community Recreation Coordinator, Recreational Therapy/Child Life

Children’s Specialized Hospital | 150 New Providence Road | Mountainside | NJ 07092
908.301.5736 | Fax: 908.301.5503 |

Comments from a Past Peg Connolly Scholar

ATRA’s Student Development Committee wanted to highlight past Peg Connolly Scholars to gain some insight into their experience at as a scholar. Check out what this past scholar had to say!

“I first heard of the Peg Connolly Scholarship from my professor during class. I wasn’t 100% sure what it entailed but it sounded like an awesome way to jump in the therapeutic recreation world. To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to be chosen. When I found out I was going to Oklahoma City as a Peg Connolly Scholar I was beyond excited and slightly intimidated. I was about to meet the people who wrote my textbooks, ATRA board members and professionals who have been in the field for decades. And who was I? I had just graduated and was trying to figure out my next steps. Being at the conference and meeting hundreds of professionals was a great way to get my journey going. I had multiple job interview offers and gained insight on some of the controversial topics we are still trying to figure out in our profession. I met a great group of girls who were my fellow Peg Connolly Scholars and made countless memories. Even though we were together for only a few days, by the end we had shared our fears and our future goals creating a bond that was unique and unforgettable. I would have never had this experience if I wasn’t willing to be vulnerable and push myself to apply and take on the challenge of being a Peg Connolly Scholar. The confidence gained, friendships made, and professional connections were invaluable and a great way to start off my career as a CTRS.

Katelyn Winslow, CTRS

Peg Connolly Scholar 2014″

Have you submitted your application to be a Peg Connolly Scholar yet?

February’s Leadership Thought

Any great and inspiring leader or organization that ever existed set out to do something completely unrealistic. ATRA’s mission is to “Empower Recreational Therapists” and our vision is “A world where every person has access to Recreational Therapy”.  What do you think?  Are those unrealistic goals?  Are those idealistic dreams that we will never accomplish?  Continue reading February’s Leadership Thought

Reflections: Why am I still in this field and why do I remain passionate about what I do?

I do not know if I chose this profession or if it chose me. I think we both chose each other. I have never really thought about it that much. Continue reading Reflections: Why am I still in this field and why do I remain passionate about what I do?