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Position Open!

Hello all!  For all of you interested in working in the schools and wishing there was a job opening available…guess what?  Your wish has come true.  These jobs are still rare and don’t come along that often, so take this incredible opportunity to check out the job posting below and apply.  The position is with the hugely successful Northeast Passage program out of the University of New Hampshire.

Here are the details:  Jessica Amato, the new Program Director with Northeast Passage’s school based program, TREK, is inviting those interested to apply for a new Recreation Therapist position within their school based program.  Any CTRSs with experience working with youth, and/or interested in relocating to New England, should apply.

This position has been reposted until August 4, 2016.  Here is the link:


Don’t pass up this great employment opportunity!  If you have any questions, you can contact Jessica through the following contact information:

Jess Amato, CTRS/L

Program Director

Northeast Passage

University of New Hampshire

P: 603-862-6169



Team building & bonding ideas for your department

I work with a lot of staff that have very separate hours, work mostly per diem, and don’t have a lot of time during work hours to bond. Does anyone have ideas for team-building, get-to-know-you tactics, stress-relieving, and other ways to incorporate a sense of FUN into the workplace for a team of people that don’t spend a lot of time together regularly? These staff work 1-4 hours a week, all different shifts and communicate mainly through email.

Kaylee McGuire, CTRS | Community Recreation Coordinator, Recreational Therapy/Child Life

Children’s Specialized Hospital | 150 New Providence Road | Mountainside | NJ 07092
908.301.5736 | Fax: 908.301.5503 |

Summer Camp Season

Summer is just around the corner and for many of us that means camp season! In the March 2016 edition of the Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, an article was published about a increase in physical activity for young adult cancer survivors following their participation in a 7 day camp experience.  To read the abstract, please go to this link:


What successes have you seen in your camps?

The camps in this article were Outdoor Adventure Therapy Based, what other modalities have you worked with in the camp setting?

What, if any, are the barriers to camping with the specific population you are working with?

February’s Leadership Thought

Any great and inspiring leader or organization that ever existed set out to do something completely unrealistic. ATRA’s mission is to “Empower Recreational Therapists” and our vision is “A world where every person has access to Recreational Therapy”.  What do you think?  Are those unrealistic goals?  Are those idealistic dreams that we will never accomplish?  Continue reading February’s Leadership Thought

Objectifying people with disabilities

A very interesting article on how we consider and discuss people with disabilities. As many of us work with people who many have been “objectified” in the manner discussed in this article, what are your thoughts? Are individuals with disabilities viewed as passive in many of these inspiration stories? Do we treat individuals with disabilities as objects for consumption? What do you think?

Reflections: Why am I still in this field and why do I remain passionate about what I do?

I do not know if I chose this profession or if it chose me. I think we both chose each other. I have never really thought about it that much. Continue reading Reflections: Why am I still in this field and why do I remain passionate about what I do?

Discounted Membership!

Survey results tell us that members join ATRA because someone invited them. We know that ATRA is important to members and to our profession because you tell us!  As an ATRA member, you experience the value your membership brings. Now is the perfect time to share your professional successes by encouraging your non-member friends and colleagues to join ATRA. Continue reading Discounted Membership!