Child & Adolescent Section: Open Mic Update

We recently held an open mic call on February 7, 2017 & plan to continue with additional open mics in 2017! Let us know what you’re interested in discussing for upcoming open mics by e-mailing us @

During our call we discussed call for papers & walked members through an example proposal. A few tips….

  • When considering a proposal, you do not have to have the entire presentation established at time of submission.
  • You need your title, session description, 3 goals and an outline.
  • Within your outline, provide estimates length of time for covering each topic.
  • Trying to identify a topic? Think of your audience, think of what you’d like to learn about & voila! A topic might just come to you. ☺
    • What types of sessions would child & adolescent section members like to see?
      • Aromatherapy, camps, outdoor adventure, adaptive sports, leisure education

Top 3 Treatment Modalities…what do you use often or want to learn more about? A direction to head towards with evidence based practice committee involvement.

  • Animal Assisted Interventions
  • Aquatics
  • Increase strength & endurance
  • Leisure education & skills based training
  • Adapting & safely returning to community after brain injury, spinal cord injury, etc.
  • Community outings

How do YOU celebrate RT Month?

  • Lunch & Learn presentations
  • Co-treatments
  • Themes
    • Tshirts & events planned according to theme
  • E-mail blasts

Please consider joining us for the next open mic & thank you to those of you who joined us especially our surprise guests, ATRA Board Member Thea Kavanaugh & ATRA President Marilyn Radatz!

Abby Pestak & Kaylee McGuired
Co-leaders of Child & Adolescent Section

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