Discounted Membership!

Survey results tell us that members join ATRA because someone invited them. We know that ATRA is important to members and to our profession because you tell us!  As an ATRA member, you experience the value your membership brings. Now is the perfect time to share your professional successes by encouraging your non-member friends and colleagues to join ATRA.

We know that YOU understand the value of your ATRA membership, so why not reach out to your professional contacts and encourage them to join? NEW Professional Members (CTRSs) are eligible for a one time membership fee of $100 and NEW Student Members are eligible for a one time membership fee of $50. That’s a 20% discount for professionals and a 33% discount for students! This offer is only good during the months of January and February 2016.

 What’s In It for You?

 By recruiting others, you will:

  • Expand your network and connections of recreational therapists
  • Show your pride in professional membership
  • Role model professional engagement for students and new professionals
  • Strengthen ATRA! A growing membership means greater recognition of recreational therapy, improved educational and networking opportunities, and continued advocacy and growth of our profession
  • Help others succeed in their careers with ATRA’s resources, educational opportunities and more

INVITE SOMEONE TO JOIN TODAY – and make a difference for recreational therapy. 

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