Exciting News from the Standards of Practice Committee

The SOP committee remains focused on making the standards applicable to all settings. Two main goals for the committee at this time are the development of an educator’s tool, and the recruitment of more committee members from various practice settings.

Educator’s Project: The SOP Committee recognizes the need to make it easier to include the standards of practice in RT curriculum. For more than six months, the Educator’s project has been the main focus of our efforts. Ultimately this will translate into practice, as more and more Recreational Therapists will become comfortable implementing the standards, therefore improving the quality of care provided to our clients/participants. In order to fully develop this tool, we need input from current and past educators. Join the SOP committee this September at the Annual ATRA conference in Orlando, Florida, and be a part of this important project.

Call to join the ATRA SOP Committee: The Standards of Practice Committee is seeking committee members from all practice areas. It is vital to the success of the committee, and the profession, that the needs of all Recreational Therapists are represented in this committee. We also encourage students to join the committee, as the best way to learn is to practice. Responsibilities would include attending/presenting at the annual ATRA conference, and eventually presenting at local and regional conferences. Support and education will be provided by committee members to increase your comfort in this role.


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