Job Internship Social!

As the School Network Section, we want to post some upcoming information and events for those interested in RT’s in schools.  First, the ATRA annual conference is coming up September 10-13, 2016 in Chicago, IL.  “Sailing to Greatness” is the theme for this year conference.  This is a great time and opportunity for RT’s to get together to share ideas, network with each other and share experiences throughout the past year and upcoming RT events in the New Year.  Also, the program is full of new presentations with great presenters from all over the country.  Check out the ATRA website for more information about the conference agenda and events. Secondly, while at the conference there will be a Job Internship Social.  It will be held on September 12th, from 11:30 to 1 pm.  This is a great opportunity for students along with new and job-seeking professionals to develop their marketability and preparation for jobs and/or internships within settings of interest.  This is a time to ask questions to ATRA Section representatives to give helpful feedback, insight about applying and interviewing to their different settings.  We are looking for professionals to help out during this social to represent the School Section network to answer questions and give valuable feedback to interns and/or new professionals looking to get into the schools as RT’s.  If interested in helping out in manning the table for the School Section Network, please contact Heidi Hunter ( or Tom House (  We hope to see you at the ATRA Conference!

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