Measuring quality of life at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Trevor Miller, CTRS from Nationwide Children’s Hospital has been working with a research coordinator regarding the topic of WHOQOL, PedsQOL and the NeuroQOL assessment tools. They are in the initial phase of implementing these tests more consistently and to ALL rehab patients. They plan to follow up with one or a combination of these tests every few months for 1-1.5 years. Trevor is exploring different grants but the research department is on board and will begin putting together a proposal and collecting data for examples. 

The idea is to compare and normalize data to the WeeFIM. So if a patient feels 100%, but scores low on the WeeFIM – what does this mean for outcomes? Are TR services assisting with quality of life whether good, bad, or the same? As the quality of life topic continues to grow in healthcare, Trevor feels it would be an area worth exploring by TR. By spring Trevor hopes that he’ll be evaluating every physical rehabilitation pediatric patient and following the majority of the patients post-discharge. This study has implications to open avenues for introduction of TR services to other units & clinics.

Do you use the WeeFim or FIM at your physical rehabilitation hospital? Are there any other measures that you have tested out to measure quality of life?

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  1. At Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey, we use the WeeFIM to keep track of burden of care at admission and discharge. We are now also using the supplemental measures. RT is responsible for assessing & recording Social Interaction; Emotional Regulation; New Learning and Carryover; Attention, Focus, and Persistence. We haven’t tested out any QOL measures recently, but I’m curious to see who else has!

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