Older Adults Section Update

Now that ATRA’s annual conference is in our rearview mirror, it’s time to move forward with work on the goals that we have for RT with older adults this year.  We would like to thank Courtney and Angie for their hard work the past few years as section leads.

Laura E. Kelly, MS, CTRS and I have been voted into the vacant co-section chair positions.  We look forward to working with you and supporting to bring recreational therapy to all older adults.
We were very happy with the turnout at the annual conference this year and look forward to an even larger turn out in Orlando 2017. Laura, Claire and I want to thank those of you who came and spoke to us at the conference and expressed interest in being more active with older adults. We want to provide all section members the opportunity to be a part of fast moving world of older adults in ATRA. To do this we have put together a survey (7 questions) we would like to have all of you answer. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YXQBZXT
We want to bring you more opportunities to learn, grow, and market recreational therapy for older adults. There is a need and hunger for our services on multiple levels from the community and practitioners. Working as a group we can provide our older adults with the quality of life we all wish for them and also expand services to as many people as possible.
With regard to our section leadership, we are in need of the following:
1.    Older Adult Public Policy Leader/Committee (help with the communication between our section and the ATRA public policy team)
2.    Older Adult Research Committee Leader/Committee (help with the communication between our section and the ATRA research committee)
3.    Someone (or a couple) interested in writing an ATRA newsletter article on a topic (innovative, new, or evidence based)
4.    Open Mic night Leader: (help with setting up educational based – teleconferences for the section)
Please let myself or Laura know if you are interested. We will be here to support you throughout the process.I would like to share our PowerPoint presentation from the conference, and handouts that go along with the ppt, which includes the current needs and trends that are related to our section.
*    Best Practices Example: More than Child’s Play: Doll/Stuffed Animal Therapy
*    The Montreal Cognitive Assessment MoCA is a brief cognitive screening tool for Mild Cognitive Impairment
*    Literature: Decreasing Patient Agitation Using Individualized Therapeutic Activities
*    Best Practices Example: Individualized Music
*    Music: The Positive Effects of Music on Dementia & Alzheimer’s Patients
*    Talking Points from CTRS to Administration
*    Physician Order for Recreation Therapy Services Request (Referral for CTRS Intervention 2)
As highlighted in the ppt, the most current needs/trends related to our section are:
*    Communication template for CTRS use across multiple settings
*    Protocols for disturbing behaviors
*    Student development outreach efforts within the Older Adult Section
*    Update on the creation of a Practice- Based model for RT vs Activity Services within SNF/AL settings
Melissa Long, CTRS, DPG

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