Recreational Therapy Majors Club at Oklahoma State University

Hey my name is Matthew Tracy, and I am a student at Oklahoma State University (OSU)! I have gotten a great opportunity this semester to be a Recreational Therapy Majors club board member at OSU as the treasurer. When the board members and I took over the club this semester, we had goals to get the students more involved in the school, ATRA, community, and the club itself. We started to achieve these goals by attracting a large crowd for the first meeting by catering for Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

We had guest speakers come and talk about the ATRA Student Development Committee (SDC) and how we can contribute to the annual ATRA conference in Orlando Florida this upcoming September. As the treasurer, it is part of my responsibility to keep track of our spending habits. Therefore, I am trying to save enough money so the club can pay for a few student’s trips to the ATRA conference. The appeal of free Florida trips has already caught people’s attention in becoming more involved in the club. This year has already proven to be successful and we plan on pushing the club forward in the future here at OSU.

Also for those involved or want to be involved with the SDC, don’t forget that there are many opportunities to make an impact at the annual conference this year! If you have any questions on how to get involved than email me at . I am running Trivia Night this year as well so if you would like to be on the task force with that, then just let me know!

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