Reflections: Why am I still in this field and why do I remain passionate about what I do?

I do not know if I chose this profession or if it chose me. I think we both chose each other. I have never really thought about it that much. I honestly think it has to be a part of something bigger than myself. It is about being real, being human; it is a natural process, to be with someone else on their journey, to connect. To me it is more about the gift of time and how we choose to use it. We all receive the gift of 168 hours weekly. How we use it is our choice. 168 hours every week. Balance!!! It is a word easy to write but difficult to attain. I am passionate about balance and time. I always looked at balance and time as keys to most things. It is a challenge I look forward to every day. I concluded somewhere along the way that if I could motivate others to look at their lives through this lens, maybe they too, could simplify and accept their own challenge. Maybe we could do this together. Maybe my passion would rekindle theirs. So, I am in this field because this is the way it happened and never stopped. I have never thought I was going to work. For example, one of my favorite responses to someone who asks “how are you doing?” is, “I am ready, “which prompts the question “For What?” And I say “Whatever happens next.” That is the exciting passionate feelings that evolve, because in our chosen field it is unpredictable. You can create, you can see others in your field exploring, developing, and caring. How can you not be passionate? How can you not still be in this field? These are my thoughts, what are yours?

Post by Ron Tankel, CTRS at Truman Medical Center, Kansas City MO

One thought on “Reflections: Why am I still in this field and why do I remain passionate about what I do?

  1. Seeking out new opportunities to grow & learn helps me remain passionate. Sometimes I feel dread for days when I have a difficult or “boring” project to work on, but when I experience gratitude from a family, child, or colleague at work-it keeps me motivated to continue doing this great work. I couldn’t imagine how boring my life would be if I wasn’t passionate about my job, and if I didn’t dedicate some of my personal time towards my career & professional associations. Thanks Ron for sharing this thoughtful post.

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