Research has become a hot topic for the field of Therapeutic Recreation.  Research is important for our profession, if we want it to continue to grow and show the importance of our work.  Research also translates into EBP, or Evidence-Based Practice.  Even as a student you can start to brainstorm research ideas or topics.  Many internship sites want you to create a special project during your internship, starting a research proposal for their facility would be a great asset to not only that department but the entire Therapeutic Recreation field.  Research topics vary; check out the Therapeutic Recreation Directory link for some research studies related to Therapeutic Recreation.

Therapeutic Recreation Directory
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  1. Going along with this topic, I work in the behavioral health section. Currently, I am seeking articles and case studies to support community outings/reintegration for adults in a LTC setting with behavior issues. Also, I wish to incorporate best practices into this program. Any specific journals or articles to recommend? Thank you.

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