Schools Section Webinars!!!

Are you interested in learning more about RT in schools?  The ATRA school network section is putting together 4 webinars this summer!  The areas of content include “The Delivery of TR services Within the Schools”, “Leisure Education for Post-Secondary Ages”, “Developing A School-Based RT Internship Learning Experience” and “RT Assessments and Screening Tools Used in the School Setting:  Usability, Validity, and Reliability”.  These webinars will give individuals the resources on how to apply the TR Process within the school setting; including assessments, documentation, goals/objectives, functional interventions, evaluations and methods to establish quality improvement.  Also, individuals will be provided a comprehensive, structured internship learning experiences for student interns in a school-based setting.

Two other areas that will be covered in this summer’s webinars will be: 1) how Leisure Education is a viable intervention for transition-aged (14-21 y/o) students with disabilities in the school setting to promote attainment of meaningful leisure experiences and autonomy, and 2) justifying the need for RT services by integrating the populations served in the school setting with specific standarized RT assessments. Discussions will also include department/district requirements for RT-specific screening tools and how the information gathered from these screenings tools can support the planning and evaluation of the delivery of RT services.

So, if your interested in learning more about the process, evaluations, internships, assessments and so much about RTs in schools, tune in for these webinars this summer.

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