The Illuminare Student Journal is requesting submissions for the 2015-2016 publication

In 1992, students in the Indiana University Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Studies, with support from Dr. Ruth Russell, established the Illuminare: A Student Journal in Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Studies which has since become a leading student-generated academic journal for leisure studies. It is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish original student work in leisure studies or the aforementioned core specializations within the field. The mission of the Illuminare is to provide an opportunity for graduate students to learn about the publishing process, distribute and promote graduate student work, and give graduate students a platform for developing skills to be successful in their future careers in academia or as a research savvy practitioner.

Deadline for Papers: DECEMBER 4, 2015

Past editions, current call for papers, and journal information can be found on our website:

Illuminare seeks to publish papers relevant to leisure studies broadly or the five core specializations within our field:

  •   Recreational Sport Administration
  •   Park and Recreation Management
  •   Outdoor Recreation
  •   Recreational Therapy
  •   Tourism Management

Papers can be submitted in a number of formats including:

  1. Literature Reviews – research papers focused analyzing and/or connecting major developments within a particular research area or field.
  2. Traditional research manuscripts – papers focused on presenting new and empirical data and/or the presentation of new comprehensive theories or theoretical models.
  3. Dissertation or Thesis Abstracts – 3-5 page abstracts presenting or proposing dissertation or thesis projects.
  4. Briefs – following the Journal of Leisure Research briefs are short notes “featuring brief reports on studies involving (1) replication or failure to replicate previously reported results, (2) methodological contributions, (3) comment, rejoinder and rebuttal pertaining to previously published papers, and (4) original empirical data not adequate or sufficient for the development of a regular article but appropriate for a short note (typically less than 5-7 pages).”

Please see the attached Guidelines for Authors for further submission information.  All manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the Illuminare ScholarWorks site,

Call for Editorial Staff (Reviewers and Topic Editors): Application deadline of November 2, 2015.

Reviewers: Reviewers (5-25) are responsible for reviewing assigned manuscripts using the provided reviewing rubric (for clarity, development of ideas, scholarly accuracy, overall quality, and compliance with publication guidelines) and providing recommendations to the Topic Editors.  Reviewers should be committed to building and maintaining the Illuminare’s reputation as the premier, peer-reviewed graduate student-ran journal in leisure studies and related fields.

Topic Editors: Topic Editors (5) are responsible for overseeing the reviewing process by assigning articles, managing reviewer deadlines, and synthesizing reviewer comments. Topic Editors provide the final recommendation of each submitted article to the co-editors for acceptance. Topic Editors should be committed to building and maintaining the Illuminare’s reputation as the premier, peer-reviewed graduate student-ran journal in leisure studies and related fields.

If you are interested in becoming a peer-reviewer or topic editor for this year’s issue of Illuminare, please complete the attached application by the due date, November 2nd
Email with any questions!

Thank you very much!

Illuminare Editorial Board

Allison Fletcher, Co-Editor

Susan Barnett, Co-Editor

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