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Welcome to the ATRA Blog! We hope you find the information here educational and helpful in your role as a Recreational Therapist. We envision an open community where information can be shared and different ideas discussed. When you respond to posts and offer honest thoughts and feedback, it strengthens the services we provide to our clients and the profession.
As with any community, there are certain guidelines and expectations that need to be followed in order for this to be successful. Please consider the following etiquette and guidelines each time you comment on a post.

1. Offensive and vulgar language, derogatory comments, personal attacks, and selling of items are not acceptable.
2. Please do not comment with job or internship listings. Please click here to post your job or internship listing on the ATRA website.
3. Please do not comment with services for hire on the ATRA Blog.
4. Remember that ANYONE can read your comments, so be sure your post is for public viewing.
5. Comments will not be edited or removed unless they violate these guidelines.

Blog posts can only be made by an administrator; however, comments can be made by anyone who is subscribed to the ATRA Blog. We strongly encourage you to comment frequently and to send suggestions for blog posts to blog@atra-online.com or anyone on the Board of Directors, committee, task force, or treatment network chairs. We hope that you find this a meaningful way for exchanging information and look forward to its continued growth and development.

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One thought on “Welcome to the ATRA Blog!!

  1. Hello,
    I am am currently pursuing NCTRC certification through the ‘Equivalency Path B’ route.
    I have completed the academic requirements and am close to fulfilling the work experience requirement. I will be ready to take the NCTRC exam soon and would like some advice on study aids or resources for the exam.
    Can anybody recommend the best study resources for me? E.g. – online sites for study or Study Guide Books and/or Flash Card Systems?
    Thank You

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