Why you should attend conferences

With the ATRA Annual Conference just around the corner, I wanted to share some thoughts on the importance of attending conferences.  Not only are you able to learn a lot from them, they are also a lot of FUN!  Conferences are a great way to start networking, as students it is always nice to get your name out there early.  Conferences are also a time for you to share and learn about the TR world with other professionals.  From my personal experience, attending a conference, as a student was very fun.  It was great to see what current professionals were doing in different settings.  This could also be a time where you find a new population you are passionate about.

I am attaching two links, one is by Rich Brooks, and he outlines 12 reasons you should attend conferences.  The other link is for the ATRA Annual conference, so you can browse the schedule to see if anything interesting jumps out at you.



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