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Sections provide ATRA members an opportunity to connect with your peers to enhance your professional experience! These sections connect therapists working in similar environments for the purpose of supporting each other through sharing of ideas, experiences, and planning for the future. It is also a way to recognize the accomplishments of people like you who work hard every day with your clients or patients. Join in the experience of getting to know each other, what others are doing, and how you can take your profession up a notch!

Each Section has an annual work plan describing the goals and objectives of that Section. If you are interested in helping out, you should contact the team leader for your Section.

Direction Statement from the Board of Directors

To move the profession forward related to practice settings through communication by focusing on:

  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Competencies 
  • Public Policy

To get involved, select the Section(s) of interest and contact the team leader. Be sure to indicate your Section(s) in your member profile, too.

Sections:  Click on the section below to find out more about each section and how you can get involved.

Board Liaison

Thea Kavanaugh

Behavioral Health

Child and Adolescent 



Older Adults

Physical Rehabilitation and Medical

Schools Systems


ATRA's Delphi Study

A Delphi study is a widely accepted method used to obtain consensus from a group of experts on a particular topic. ATRA is using this study method to get information on:
  • Current RT practice
  • Identifying research needs 
  • Identifying what is on the horizon of practice, so RT is ahead of the curve of contemporary practice
  • Identifying education and training needs.
Watch our video to learn more and to find out how you can participate!