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The American Therapeutic Recreation Association has organized another excellent continuing education opportunity designed to reach out to practitioners across the country. Presenters for these topics are well known experts in the profession who will consistently provide the most up-to-date trends on the identified topics. Take advantage of this great chance to keep current in your practice, in the convenience of your job site or home. Earning CEUs through webinars incurs no travel expenses and frees up time otherwise dedicated to travel.

ATRA offers both live calls and replays to accommodate any schedule.

Register For a Live Webinar

ATRA offers a low rate for one session or a discounted package rate for all three sessions in the series. Additional discounts are available for groups. Whether your group of therapists are members, non-members, or a mix of both, register as an organization so that your office can view and participate in the webinar together. Individual CEUs apply. If you'd like special accommodations, please contact the office.

All CEU qualified webinars in the 2017 ATRA Academy have been pre-approved by NCTRC.

ATRA 2017 Webinars are available for replay viewing. Click here to order replays from our bookstore. Get Your CEU Credits!!!

Series A: Older Adults (April - June)

Series B: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (April-June)

Series C: Behavioral Health (May - August)

Series D: Recreational Therapy in the Schools (July - September)

Series E: Recreational Therapy in Community Settings (August - October)

Series F: A Comprehensive Overview of the CTRS Certification Process (August - November)

  • Purchase recordings in our bookstore.
  • SAVE $25/session or $85 a series by becoming a member of ATRA; join ATRA now. Discounts on webinars are only one of the benefits!

You will receive a confirmation e-mail complete with a toll free number and access code to dial into the conference call as well as links to handouts and a post-test. Handouts and post-tests will be accessible within twenty-four hours of the teleconference so links will not be valid until this time.

Organizational Registration

The organizational rate includes multiple people participating simultaneously and doesn't cover any other occurrence. Be sure everyone can be in the room or ensure no one logs in or dials in so you can listen to the recording as a group later.

During the Webinar

On the date of your selected presentation, dial in, and prepare to listen to sixty minutes of cutting edge information on your chosen topic. You may ask questions via instant messaging or by voice at the end of the presentation.

After the Webinar

Post-tests are only accepted from participants who purchase CEUs during registration. Post-tests consist of ten multiple choice questions. Participants completing the post-test who purchased CEUs and scored 70% or higher will be awarded 0.1 CEUs. Tests may be returned to the ATRA administrative office at the address below.

In Case of Scheduling Conflicts

If you register for and do not either dial in or log in, you will automatically receive a recording from Confertel twenty-four hours after the call. This recording is live for two weeks after receipt. This recording may only be accessed once.

Webinar Replays Through the Store

Replays are recordings viewed from your computer and/or using a telephone and may be purchased in the bookstore. Within five business days, you will still receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to download the recording, post-test, instructions, and handouts. This is a free hosting service that will only maintain files for five days. Download any time in the five days after you receive the e-mail. Listen to the recording any time you like, as often as you like. CEUs are available within five years of the original air date, and an expiry can be found in the product description. Replays are usually available in the bookstore the year following the live webinar.


To grade a post-test and issue a transcript, ATRA requires a processing fee varyingly called the CEU fee or Transcript fee. You can purchase this when you register for the webinar, when you purchase the recording, and submit it with your test. Calculating your CEU fee may be a bit confusing. As with the registration scale, the CEU fee scale was created to encourage participants to attend all the sessions in a series by giving a discount. There are usually three sessions in a series. Most of us don't have three hours at a time to devote to a webinar, so the ATRA Academy faculty divides series up into one hour sessions (about once a week) over several weeks.

# of Sessions        Member Rate    Non-Member Rate
1 or all                     $10USD              $15USD
2                              $20USD              $30USD
sessions from        Pay as above according to sessions 
multiple series       in one series

Most series have three sessions. Note, however, that if a series has four sessions, and you only turn in three post-tests, submit $30 for members or $45 for non-members.