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Duke Oncology Recreation Therapy Internship

Duke Cancer Institute

Location: Durham, NC
Semesters: Spring

Posted On: 10/13/2015

Population Age: Adults
Population Characteristics: Oncology
Primary Setting: Acute Care Hospital
Housing Available: No
Number of CTRs Employed at Facility/Agency: 2

Stipends or Other Benefits: No

Duke is an organization built around education and patient care. As an integral component of this organization, Oncology Recreation Therapy also follows that mission. Our internships are strenuous, but they provide a rewarding clinical experience. We take careful consideration when we reviewing the candidates; matching skill sets and talents with the inpatient oncology area. We are currently offering internships during the spring semester only. Students who have completed all components of the application will receive a phone interview. A select few will then be asked to participate in an on-site interview. A candidate will be chosen by the middle of October. It is important that you take the time to make sure that this population and location suits your interests and abilities. Your internship dictates your professional career in most cases. Please keep this in mind as you begin your journey as a young professional. I would like to mention that we are unable to offer a stipend, but we would be happy to assist with parking and other details if needed. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions you may have regarding the internship or the application process. I can be reached by phone, (919) 681-3039, or by email at Thank you for your time and interest in Duke Oncology Recreation Therapy. Please note that the application due date is the 15th of September. For more information regarding Duke Oncology Recreation Therapy, please click on the link below: If you would like to apply for an internship, please click the link below:

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Kristy Everette


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