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Recreation Therapy Internship

Heritage School

Location: Provo, UT
Semesters: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

Posted On: 11/26/2014

Population Age: Adolescents
Population Characteristics: Behavioral/Mental Health
Primary Setting: Group Home/Residential Facility
Housing Available: No
Number of CTRs Employed at Facility/Agency: 6

Stipends or Other Benefits: Yes
Listing of Stipends or Other Benefits:
This is generally a free internship experience. There is not a fee for the experience nor is there payment for services. There are however, periodic incentives including but not limited to, paid meals, Heritage apparel and other gifts.

Purpose: To provide students a highly structured and professionally supervised opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and practical experience in a setting which is currently providing established Therapeutic Recreation services to an adolescent at-risk population. This experience will be an active learning experience for the student to develop Therapeutic Recreation competencies in the TR service delivery process. This is a certified internship site requiring a full-time, 16 consecutive week commitment. The first 2 weeks are a mandatory facility training prior to starting the internship. Full-time is considered to be no less than 36 hours per week. Suggested time frame for application is during the semester or quarter prior to your desired internship quarter or semester. Please apply by email and an application will be sent to you.

Contact Information

Laura Bennion, TRS, CTRS


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