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Member Directory

Member Directory

Here is your opportunity to network with other ATRA members for the purpose of sharing resources, enhancing your professional practice, and building community. You may search for members by any of these items: name, email address, state, section(s) of interest, chapter affiliate membership, employment position, and/or employment setting. The membership listing only includes members who have given permission to be included.

This section of the ATRA website is available to ATRA members only. To use this section of the website, you must . If you want to connect with ATRA members and you are not currently a member, join now.

As this is a community, we ask that you adhere to the following community guidelines when using member information:

  • Use information only for professional networking purposes
  • Carefully consider the content of your email
  • Introduce yourself and tell the receiver where you obtained their contact information
  • Sign your email with your full name
  • Do not spam or use for commercial or research purposes
  • Do not share contact information with others

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the following up to and including: a loss of access to the database, loss of membership to ATRA, ethics violation report to NCTRC, and/or criminal prosecution. ATRA is not responsible for the content of emails or how information is utilized.

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