American Therapeutic Recreation Association



ICF/WHO Committee

To represent ATRA among global health and human service stakeholders (e.g. The American Psychological Association, The North American Collaboration Center, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and others) and to implement the WHO International Classification of Functioning (ICF) in recreational therapy clinical practice, professional preparation, and research as appropriate.

Direction Statement from the Board of Directors

Position ATRA to a proactive leadership role in global ICF implementation efforts through increased collaboration with key organizations representing the disability community.  Provide information and training for ATRA members and the profession regarding the Procedure Manual and guide for a Standardized Application of the ICF and global ICF implementation.  Recommend and advocate the inclusion of the ICF, as appropriate, for practice, research and professional preparation.  Publish one article for the ATRA newsletter.

ICF/WHO Committee Chair

Debbie Pate 

ATRA Position Statement on the ICF

The concepts and terminology of the ICF are compatible with recreational therapy practice. ATRA supports, the use of ICF language and terminology in recreational therapy practice guidelines, standards of practice, curriculum development, public policy, international relations, and research. ATRA also acknowledges the significance of the use of the ICF classification and coding system as a vehicle to clarify and enhance practice and research in recreational therapy.

Approved by ATRA Board of Directors | October 2005

To learn more about the ICF, consult the following resources: