American Therapeutic Recreation Association



Thank you for using the ATRA Marketing Toolkit. ATRA created this toolkit to assist ATRA members with marketing Recreational Therapy services. Our goal is to enable ATRA members to initiate marketing activities that will promote their services within their setting to all of their stakeholders. This toolkit was designed based on feedback from ATRA members regarding the essential tools needed to organize their services and market them to specific audiences. We want to continue to meet the needs of ATRA members and empower them to promote their services. The team would appreciate any ideas or feedback regarding additional marketing tools; please send comments to The following is a list of the tools and their intended use:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Document – was created as a comprehensive document to answer the questions we all receive every day. It is also available for you to use when marketing your services to external audiences, to use during inservices, conferences, presentations, etc.

Promotional Items - Pens, note pads, bags, and other goodies from our store can be used as incentives, give-aways, or just conversation starters.

Great Ideas from Pam Wilson – a plethora of fantastic, creative marketing ideas and tools to use when marketing your services including ideas for; obtaining donations, advertising jobs, increasing physician awareness of services, increasing students, volunteers, intern applicants and membership in your organization.

To learn how to better talk with your administrator, consider purchasing the replay of the following ATRA webinar from our store:  Session E1: How to Talk with Your Administrator (2009).