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Replay 2016 Session H3: RT Evidence Based Practices for Community Integration, Inclusion, and Transitioning

Overview: Heather R. Porter, PhD, CTRS A quick summary of 11 recreational therapy evidence based practices for community integration, inclusion, and transitioning for various age groups and diagnoses including the Ecological Model of Community-Focused Therapeutic Recreation and Life Skills; Promoting Access, Transition and Health (PATH); Therapeutic Recreation Empowering Kids (TREK); Home Leisure Educational Program (HLEP); Family Centered Community Stroke (FCCS) Program; Independence through Community Access and Navigation (I-CAN); Partnership F.I.V.E (Fostering Inclusive Volunteer Efforts); inpatient rehabilitation recreational therapy community integration training for spinal cord injury (SCIRehab Project); recreational therapy intervention for integration of international refugees; recreational therapy intervention for community disaster relief; and training of support staff. Resources for each model/program will be provided for further independent exploration. Expires: 06/23/2021

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