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Nominations & Elections

This summer the ATRA membership will be electing qualified members to five crucial positions on the Board of Directors: President-Elect, Secretary, and three Members-at-Large.

  • The Treasurer will serve from fall 2017 to fall 2020.
  • The President-Elect will serve in that role from fall 2017 to fall 2018, then serve as President from fall 2018 to fall 2019, and finally serve as Past President from fall 2019 to fall 2020.
  • Two Member-at-Large positions will serve two year terms from fall 2017 to fall 2019.*
  • The third Member-at-Large position will serve a three year term from fall 2017 to fall 2020.*

It is important for the Board to have a range of members serving; we seek nominees from diverse backgrounds, practice areas and geography. We also work hard to achieve a balance in the number of educators and practitioners on the Board. Read the responsibilities and qualifications carefully. To nominate yourself or another member, submit a candidate information form along with requested supporting documents. The candidate will also be asked to complete a Candidate Information form and an Intent to Serve form.

All nominations will be due April 15, 2017, after which the committee will confirm the qualifications of those nominated and forward nominees to the ATRA Board of Directors for approval. The election ballot will be released electronically to active members on June 1, 2017, and voting will be open for one month. After the voting period ends the Board of Directors approves the results and announces them to the membership.

Orientation for new board members will take place in August via conference call. Newly elected Board members are expected to attend the Annual Conference in Orlando, FL, in September.
Please feel free to contact if you have any questions about the Nominations and Elections process.
* The Member-at-Large terms have different lengths necessitated by overarching board rotation, in order to avoid having more than 50% turnover of the board in one year.