American Therapeutic Recreation Association

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Perform all duties as cited in the Charter and Bylaws and other usual duties as cited in Roberts Rules of Order, Revised.

Length of Term:

Three year term, beginning at the installation of officers meeting that follows his/her election and ending at the close of the installation of officers in the year the term ends. Secretary may be elected to one additional term as Secretary.


Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Duty of care:  Supervise and direct the affairs of the Association with the entire ATRA Board in good faith, using pertinent information to act in the best interest of ATRA.
  2. Duty of obedience:  Ensure and participate in decisions, determining policies or changes therein consistent with the mission and within the limits of the bylaws.
  3. Duty of loyalty:  Act in the best interests of ATRA and the profession, including avoidance of conflict or declaration of conflict of interest where one exists. 
  4. Attend, prepare for and actively participate in all board meetings and monthly board conference calls.
  5. Maintain confidentiality of Board’s closed sessions.
  6. Record official minutes of ATRA Board and Membership meetings and distribute to Board members, as well as ensure availability to members.
  7. Oversee the maintenance of official documents and records of ATRA including correspondence, committee and organization reports, and historical records.
  8. Prepare all electronically issued ballots, count and notify Board members of outcomes, and maintain a list of all votes.
  9. Serve on the Executive Committee of the ATRA board and other board committees as appointed by the President.
  10. Serve as board liaison to various committees, teams and task forces as assigned by the President.  This includes but is not limited to:
    • Maintaining monthly contact with committee chairs;
    • Providing information, feedback and encouragement to committee chairs to facilitate communication and completion of committee tasks;
    • Ensuring timely, professional reports from committees;
    • Assisting committees to reflect the mission and goals of ATRA in their work; and
    • Monitoring committee work to ensure ethical compliance. 
  11. Serve as an advocate for ATRA and recreational therapy.
  12. Provide the board with current involvement that has the potential to impact ATRA and the profession.
  13. Assist the Board with special projects.
  14. Present information regarding ATRA at workshops and conferences.
  15. Submit periodic articles to the Newsletter and Annual Report.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Professional member in good standing
  • Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
  • Demonstrated leadership in recreational therapy at the local, state and/or national levels
  • Demonstrated leadership within ATRA
  • Prior ATRA Board experience preferred
  • Compliance with the ATRA Code of Ethics
  • Strong writing and organizational skills
  • Member in good standing in the state/regional ATRA chapter if one exists