American Therapeutic Recreation Association

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History of ATRA

ATRA began as a grassroots organization with a meeting for those with interest during NRPA's 1983 annual conference in Indianapolis. ATRA was officially incorporated on June 12, 1984. The incorporators were David C. Park, William A. Hillman, Jr., and W. Kay Ellis. The original board of directors consisted of: Peg Connolly, President; Glen Van Andel, Vice-President; Richard Beckley, Secretary-Treasurer; Ray West, Director-at-Large; and Melinda Conway, Director-at-Large. 

To read two historians' perspectives, see Roots of ATRA by Glen E. Van Andel, Re.D., CTRS and ATRA is Formed by David R. Austin, PhD, CTRS, FALS. Please note that these papers share the personal perspective and interpretation of the authors and are not intended to represent the interpretation of all involved, or to be official history of ATRA endorsed by the organization.


ATRA Founding Members

Laura A. Abu Amara
Stephen C Anderson
Viki S. Annand
David R. Austin
James Lee Barrett
Charlene Basham
Richard Beckley
Frank M. Brasile
Barbara S. Bromfield
Charles Bullock
Joan Burlingame
J.S. Doc Campbell
Louis F. Carpino
Sally Carroll
Kathy Carter
Fran Coffey
Peg Connolly
Melinda Conway Callahan
Bea Cravatta
Elaine M. Dempsey
Debbie C. Dietz
Lucia G. Dorneden
Cynthia Price Duff
Ann(e) C. Durante
Nancy J. Edwards
Kay Ellis
Andi Farbman
Cynthia Flowers
Jean E. Folkerth
Mrs. Glanvill
Scott B. Goll
Gina Hambrecht
Martha Hamil
Scotty Hamil
Suzanne L. Harsanyi
Helen Jo Hillman
William A. Hillman
Mary Jane Hirshman
Gerald Hitzhusen
Joseph H. Huber
Bonnie L. Hurwitz
Ira Hutchinson
Melissa Ingram
Ann James
Mark R. James
Patricia Stark-Johnson
Martha T. Judge
Alfred G. Kaye
Charles Killingsworth
Bruce G. Kline
Karl G. Koop(s)
Jessie A. Mann
Peggy A. Marsh Turner
Holly R. Meyer(s)
Alice Michaud
Mary Miller
M. Lynn Morgan
Kenneth Murphy
Joyce A. Myatt
Michele Nachman
Nancy Navar
David C. Park
Carol Ann Peterson
Jeanne M. Polla(o)ck
Debbie Proven(z)a
Bert M. Rappaport
Alice Rhodes
Hugh M. Read
Bob Riley
A. Jill Sandleben
George L. Sanford
Cynthia Schnieder
Susan Sherborne
Barbara Sirvis
Thomas K. Skalko
Nancy Smith
Arnold Sperling
Mae Stadler
Rosalyce M. Sweetman
William A. Touchstone
Mary A. Tucker
William N. Unger
Glen E. VanAndel
Francis Wallach
Rose Marie C. Ward
Shulamith Weisman
Ray E. West
Wanda White
Ulysses Williams
Billie T. Wilson
Bess Wood
Judson L.B. Worth
Carolyn Wright
Diane Young